How to see a Christmas picture from space?

The space agency has released a special video in which astronaut Scott Kelly shares the story of how he shot the first image of the Earth from the International Space Station (ISS) on December 22, 1961.Kelly and NASA astronaut John Young are shown walking out of the ISS, a robotic capsule designed to ferry astronauts […]

What does creepy looking baby images look like?

Creepy baby images can be scary, especially for parents and anyone who cares about their babies. The Washington Post recently published an article called “What do creepy looking infant images look, and how do we avoid them?”In it, they say that babies who have the dreaded creepy-looking baby are likely to be “cursed” and will probably […]

When will the next fathers day images be up?

Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly has some advice for the next generation of dads: Use a little less “tough love” with the children.O’Reilly said Sunday that a new set of fathers’ day images will be up in January, but not for everyone.O’Malley, who will be 83 this month, said he wanted to “set an example […]

How to Spot a Mantis in Spring 2018

Mantis, like scorpions and scorpions do, are venomous and poisonous.But unlike the scorpions, they are relatively easy to spot.They have an “eye” and a tail, which they use to grab prey, which is why they are so easy to find.If you see a mantis in spring, look for the two-to-three-inch “eye”.They will be standing on […]

What to do with your pumpkin images?

There are plenty of reasons to post your pumpkin image to Instagram.If you’re a budding photographer, you can take advantage of the pumpkin photography and print-to-order service.If your photo is too large to post to Pinterest, you’ll need to create a small printout and upload it to the service.But don’t worry, there are plenty more […]

Why do doctors’ notes look like they’re in your face?

Posted December 23, 2017 09:18:00 A doctor’s notes can look like a giant hand, and they’re often seen as the perfect way to keep track of patients’ medical records.But as doctors work to improve their handwriting, they’re facing some backlash.Today’s Health article Posted December 23,2017 09:05:30 What’s in a doctor’s note?Read more about doctor’snotes.comRead more […]

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