‘I refuse to give my children normal names, I don’t care if they’re bullied’

One mum left people divided over her baby name plans after she asked for advice on her choices online.

After admitting that her in-laws “hate” the controversial names they chose, she took to Reddit to see what others thought.

The woman, 24, explained her fiancé’s family is religious, while hers isn’t, and the couple is expecting twin boys.

They’ve decided to call them Phoenix Grey and Griffin Dean – but her relatives aren’t happy.

Explaining the situation, she wrote: “We’ve never been ones for the run of the mill names. My name is out of the ordinary and my fiancé goes by his middle name Cassius.

“The idea of calling our children, not that these names are wrong or bad, Daniel or Thomas or Samuel doesn’t sit right with us. It isn’t us.

“My in-laws are furious. One: because they’re not traditional names, two: do not bear any affiliation to family members; my fiancé is named after his grandfather, his sister is named after his aunt etc, and three: because they’re mythical creatures from other cultures.

“That is apparently what they dislike the most. But we really love the names. We already have a girls name picked out too, Valkyrie Lee to pay homage to my Danish grandparents that cared for me when I was a teen.

“We actually came up with this name before I even got pregnant. We like that all the names match in that they are powerful beings that can fly. We want to make our children feel powerful too.”

After people advised her to change the names, the woman admitted she wasn’t worried about her kids being bullied.

She added: “People are bullied for all kinds of reasons. Hair. Eyes. Glasses. Braces. Style. Foot size. Ears. Biting fingernails. Makeup. No makeup. Fat. Thin. Short. Tall. Rich. Poor.

“Being called Phoenix or Griffin may not be as common as Sophie or Max, but they’re not bully worthy.”

One person commented: “Phoenix and Griffin are fine. Valkyrie is not. That poor theoretical child.”

Another added: “Giving your kids themed names seems depersonalising to me. Like they’re an expression of your interests rather than people. Or like pets.”

But others thought it was fine, with one commenting: “There’s a kid in my class right now with the name Valkyrie and nobody thinks anything about it.”

“Your in-laws need to stop complaining, it’s not their decision and family names are not something that should be forced onto the next generation,” wrote one person.