Viewers rush to wish dog happy birthday after he is snubbed on special walk

A dog named Rufus was left heartbroken when his birthday wasn’t celebrated by passers by on a special walk.

The poor dog went for a walk on his special day while all dolled up in his finest birthday attire.

His dapper outfit included a blue paw-printed party hat and matching bib proclaiming ‘it’s my birthday!’.

Despite his clothing making it obvious that it was a day for celebrating, the dejected pup didn’t have a single person wish him a happy birthday whilst he was out and about.

Rufus’ owner, TikTok user @lucyyp2181, was quick to make a video about the incident – causing a stir with viewers.

The clip begins by showing the energetic dog bounding through the living room in slow motion, leaping up onto the sofa and fussing over his owner.

In the captions of the video, the dog’s owner explains that while on a walk in his birthday outfit, Rufus didn’t have a single person say happy birthday to him.

The next part shows Rufus in his outfit posing politely for the camera.

How anyone could possibly ignore Rufus’ adorable face on his big day was beyond everyone who watched the clip, as shown by users’ comments on the video.

Flashing a pair of puppy dog eyes certainly helped to enamor Rufus with viewers too, with many of those who saw the TikTok unable to scroll past without wishing the canine a very happy birthday.

The clip was a huge success on the video sharing platform, with over 287,000 views and over 61,000 likes.

Viewers were quick to shower Rufus with affection, with one user commenting: “Rufus I would have given you the biggest birthday cuddles if I had seen you. Happy birthday beautiful boy.”

Another commenter wrote: “Happy birthday wee man!!! Love Josie the pom and Molly the Lab.”

A third added: “I’m not crying you are. Happy Birthday Rufus xx.”