Posted May 13, 2020 14:38:00 A new type of astronaut is on track to make history: a robot built by the California Institute of Technology has learned to eat air.

The roboticist and his team built the robot in two weeks.

The team has been working with the University of Southern California’s Space Institute.

The robot can take a bite of food from a small plastic bag and chew it.

The robot is called an E-tactile, and the team expects it will be able to eat up to 200 calories a day, which is roughly what it would take to keep up with the demands of astronauts.

They hope it will become a tool for astronauts, helping them work out, medicate and train.

The team, which includes two graduate students and a former astronaut, started out by building a robot to feed its arms.

The robots arms are made of metal plates that can bend into a shape.

The arms move up and down and pull food out.

They are able to get food out of the air when they press on it.

The E-Tactile can also chew.

It can chew up the food in a variety of ways, like using its claws to scrape off bits of food.

They have built a number of other robots that can do this, but this one is different.

They build the robot so that it can eat from its hands.

This robot, dubbed the E-Trophy, will be used in a pilot program to train astronauts on how to train for long space missions.

NASA wants to use the robot for training, medical experiments and even for long-term space travel.

This robot is going to make it easier to do that.

The researchers have already been able to learn to feed the robot.

They’re planning to try this out in the future.

But the robot will also be able use the E.T. to teach people how to get more energy from food.

They have a lot of fun doing that.