The Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is set to face an uphill battle against the Bharatiyat Party’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modisant, who has emerged as a leading candidate in the 2019 Assembly elections, the Election Commission said.

The Election Commission, in its latest report on Tuesday, said Modi will have to face a tough challenge to win the 2019 assembly polls.

It said Modi’s “strong mandate” in the state and in Gujarat will help him in his fight to be the chief minister.

The Bharatiyan Janata party (BJP) has made it clear that Modi is not the only one who can win the election in Gujarat, where polls are expected to be held on April 6.

However, the BJP has also made it very clear that it wants the chief ministerial vote to be split between the BJP’s Nitish Kumar and Modi’s son, Arun Jaitley, who is the son of the state chief minister, Amit Shah.

The BJP had earlier said it would not field Modi in the upcoming election and had only nominated Kumar, who was the chief secretary of Gujarat in the 1990s, as its candidate.

Modi has already failed to get any backing from other political parties in Gujarat and was defeated by Modi’s closest rival, Congress president Sonia Gandhi, in the Assembly polls.