If you live in the United States, you probably know that the Easters will begin this weekend.

The NHL has announced the game will take place on Saturday, November 1st at 7:30pm Eastern.

However, fans in the world of the game can get a sneak peek of the Hall this weekend with the Easts annual “Easter Ears” game, which will be held on Sunday, November 2nd at 8:30am Eastern.

The NHL will have the chance to get their hands on the NHLPA’s “Easters Ears Ears of Christmas” game plan, which they will be using for this year’s Easters game.

The Easters Eames Ears will feature six players on the ice for a game with no scoring, which is also a first for the NHL, as the league has only played one in the last eight years.

This is the first time that the NHL will use the Eames for a regular season game, as well as the first for them to have the honor of hosting the Stanley Cup Finals.

As part of the celebration, the NHL and the NHL Players’ Association will be giving away “Ears of Easter” T-shirts.

The shirt will be available for purchase at all NHL stores and online.

The “Earts of Easter Ears” T-shirt is only available in-person and on-line at participating retailers and online at www.nhl.com/easter.

The Easts Ears game will be a one-time event and will be replayed on Sunday night, November 3rd at 8pm Eastern, with the goal being to get a player to the Stanley Final.

The two teams will then face off in a best-of-seven series that will be televised on NBCSN.

In a year where players and coaches alike are working to become the next greats, this will be an opportunity to watch the best of the best.

As for the Hall, they are not planning on doing anything special for the Ears, except hosting a special ceremony.

The Hall of Famers are set to speak at the game, and the Hall will also be giving out awards to the players and players’ coaches.