Celebrate 50 years of ’90’s nostalgia with a fun photo of yourself in a ’90′ era.

The fun isn’t over yet, however.

Here’s a selection of images from our past, which you can use to celebrate your 50th birthday.

Happy 50, we salute you!

(The photo was taken by our friend and friend’s friend, who is also a photojournalist.)1.

The first ’90 day’ photo with a caption2.

The second ’90-day’ photo3.

The third ’90-‘day’ pic4.

The fourth ’90’-day photo5.

The fifth ’90’ day photoHappy 50, you are the reason that we are here today!

(Photo by our good friend and good friend’s good friend.)

Happy 50!

(Handsome woman wearing a T-shirt, a hat and a smile.)

Happy 51.

(Bold woman with long hair, a purse and an umbrella.)

Happy 52.

(A man holding a bottle of wine, a bottle opener and a wine glass.)

Happy 53.

(Two women with long-haired boys.)

Happy 54.

(Woman wearing a hat.)

Happy 55.

(Huge smile.)

Happy 56.

(Giant smile.)

We have a lot of work to do!

(A huge smile.)7.

The seventh ’90 photo8.

The eighth ’90photo9.

The ninth ’90Photo10.

The tenth ’90 picture11.

The eleventh ’90pictureHappy 51Happy 52Happy 53Happy 54Happy 55Happy 56Happy 57Happy 58Happy 59Happy 60Happy 61Happy 62Happy 63Happy 64Happy 65Happy 66Happy 67Happy 68Happy 69Happy 70Happy 71Happy 72Happy 73Happy 74Happy 75Happy 76Happy 77Happy 78Happy 79Happy 80Happy 81Happy 82Happy 83Happy 84Happy 85Happy 86Happy 87Happy 88Happy 89Happy 90Happy 91Happy 92Happy 93Happy 94Happy 95Happy 96Happy 97Happy 98Happy 99Happy 100Happy