I recently stumbled upon an image of the Covid toe.

This image has the tag happy anniversary.

I have never seen the image before and was curious if anyone could figure out what it was.

The caption reads, “Happy Anniversary to all the Covids, toes!


So I searched for the image and found that it was the CovidiTones app.

As I was looking through my photos, I found a number of images of toes that were not covid toes.

Here are some of them.

This is a picture of the toe I was working on, which I took in July 2017.

I was just about to post it as a picture on Facebook, but it got removed as soon as I started editing it, so I decided to put it up as a tweet.

I’m not a huge Instagram user, so this is the image I was using to share the tweet.

This was the image that the CovIDTones Twitter account was using.

This one is of the actual toe I had in July.

This photo of the toes I was wearing in August.

I thought this was a good way to celebrate the occasion.

Here’s another one I found on Flickr, which shows the image with covid tongues attached.

I think this is a better one than the one above.

This picture is a little more fun, though.

The toes are attached to a necklace, and I put the covid tongue in the picture to get the effect.

I hope this was helpful.

Have a happy anniversary, covid!