The best birthday cards are free to the people who download them, but not to the artists, who typically earn money from the artwork, according to a report from the Association for the Promotion of Creative Anodyne.

The group said in its report that while many companies provide free downloads of artwork, most do not make it easy for people to download the images.

Its survey, released Monday, found that 73% of adults who have used the service say they were not happy with how they received the download.

Only 39% said they felt that their download was fair or reasonable.

That’s up from 41% in January and 43% in March, according the report.

It said many people who want to download artwork are frustrated by the process and lack the skills to get started.

“Many users are not aware of the complexities involved in downloading and redistributing artwork, and are therefore hesitant to get involved,” the report said.

The association has also found that many artists have not gotten their artwork used or shared widely because of the fees.

Some artists complain they are left to find a way to make money from their work without having to make artists pay artists.

In the past year, a number of artists have been forced to pay artists to do the artwork for them.

The Associated Press