Happy Friday is the holiday where the average person in the U.S. makes millions each year, and the video game industry is no exception.

There are thousands of games released each year that feature happy, upbeat, and/or humorous moments, and it’s not hard to find the perfect image to showcase a scene.

Here’s how to make a Happy Friday logo, video, or any other image with Photoshop.1.

First, create an image that has a happy, cheerful mood.

If you have a blank space, try to get creative with the title of the image.2.

Create a copy of the picture you want to use for your logo or other image.


Copy the title and caption of the copy of your image to your document, making sure you write “Happy Friday” in bold.4.

Select the photo you want and then select “Edit.”5.

Next, create a new document that has the same title and title, and copy the copy from your document.6.

Select “Copy to Clipboard” in the menu bar.7.

Select your image and choose “Open” to save it.8.

Now, we’re going to use the same tool you used to create your image.

Go to File>Import… to create an empty copy of a document and select the empty copy in the drop-down menu.9.

Now you have an empty file.

Open the empty file and copy your text from your image file.10.

Select one of the text fields on the right-hand side and choose a text that matches the text you copied from your empty image file in step 8.

You’re done!

Now that you have your empty file, you can use the “Create New Document” tool to create a copy from the empty document and paste it into a new, empty document.

In the example above, I’m using “Create” to create my new document, and “Edit” to edit the text.1: Import an empty document into Photoshop2: Add the text to your empty document3: Paste your text to the empty page.

You’re done.

Now when you load up your image in Photoshop, you’ll see the original Happy Friday image, as well as a copy with a slightly different title.

It’s the same Happy Friday, but you have the Happy Friday text instead of the Angry Birds title.

Happy Friday!