A friend recently shared this video on Facebook about how to post an image without having it posted on the subreddit you are posting it on.

You might not even know what to do if you are not familiar with Reddit’s Like button, but if you want to post something, you will want to do it.

If you are unsure what to expect when you enter a post, here are a few things to keep in mind.


You don’t need to post your entire post to get the benefit of the Like button.

If you are only interested in a small section of a post or if you just want to see if someone likes the image you just posted, you can just press the Like icon.2.

It will take you to the content you want.

The image you want will appear on the bottom right side of your post.3.

It won’t take you down the page, though.

The Like icon will be displayed for your post in the bottom left of your Reddit page.4.

If your post is not showing up, please add the image to the comment section so it can be added to the top of the page.

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