The search engine giant has started testing a new feature in its search results that will try to make it easier to find images that look a little odd.

This will let users search for images that appear strange, strange, weird, or very weird.

If you search for an image that looks like it’s missing a certain item, like the sun, the Google image search feature will show you the image’s source.

If the source of the strange image doesn’t match any of the search results, it will return an image of the missing item.

The feature is available in the new search results section in the Google homepage, which appears in a small icon above the search bar.

You can click on that icon to bring up a search for a particular image or to go straight to that image’s page.

There’s no word on when this feature will be rolled out to all search results.

This isn’t the first time Google has rolled out a feature to its search engine, which was introduced in 2018.

A few years ago, it added a feature called image search that lets users filter images by size and date range.

Google is also working on a new video app called Pixel Search that lets you find videos in a new way.

If this feature works out, it would make it possible for people to use a computer’s camera to take pictures of their pets.