POLITICO 12/3/16 12:25:00 First lady Michelle Obama was spotted on the set of a Valentine’s Eve movie at a hotel in New York City.

Obama’s wife, Jill Biden, was in attendance.

She wore a pink dress with a floral motif and a pink cardigan.

Biden, a U.S. senator from Delaware, tweeted her congratulations to Obama on Valentine’s day.

Biden’s social media account also tweeted a photo of her with a man on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Hollywood Walk Of Fame was also seen in the background of Biden’s tweets.

Biden is the first first First Lady to wear a white, high-heeled dress during the day.

A previous First Lady wore a white dress, but it did not feature a floral pattern.

The First Lady also wore a gold lace ring while she posed for a photo.

Biden posted a photo on Instagram of her posing with a woman wearing a white lace ring.

The photo showed Biden’s face surrounded by flowers.

In an earlier photo, the First Lady posed with a white floral dress.

Biden also tweeted out the image of the white lace, writing, “One day, a woman will say: ‘I’m going to wear white lace for my day, just like my husband wore it for mine!'”

Biden has often taken to Instagram to share her personal and professional photos.