Trump took to Twitter Wednesday to tweet that “the future is now” and that he wants to “take a look at what is happening.”

He said the future is “much different” from the future of the 1980s, saying “it is now.”

The future is much different from the past, Trump tweeted, referring to the 1980’s.

Trump also said that “tremendous pressure” has been put on the “conservative movement” to keep the nation united in the face of the current climate of “political correctness.”

“The only way I can see the conservative movement keeping our country united is if we stay true to our principles, our principles are going to be tested,” he said.

“The liberal media is not going to have it any other way, they will be attacking our movement and our values,” Trump said.

“The only thing we can do is fight back.

We will survive.”

The president also criticized CNN and MSNBC, saying they have become “fake news.”

He then turned to his fellow Republicans in Congress, saying that if they do not vote to repeal and replace ObamaCare they are “done” and he will be looking for new leaders.

“If you don’t support it, you are done,” Trump tweeted.