Happy holidays, ladies!

It’s been another year since we reported that women are having their vaginas inspected at a higher rate than ever before.

Now, a new study has found that men are seeing the same numbers of images, too.

Vaginabras are now being considered the new hot thing for women, and it’s a good thing they are.

“Vaginas can be a very sensitive area, especially for women,” said Dr Jennifer DeAngelis, Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Queensland, in a press release.

“They can have a variety of physical symptoms, and that includes pain, tenderness, swelling, numbness and irritation.”

There’s a very strong association between vaginas and sexual arousal and it seems like men are showing more interest in seeing them.

“Dr DeAngelas said the study was designed to investigate the effect of seeing images of vaginas on sexual desire and arousal in women.”

Our research is part of a broader and longer term study looking at how visual images of female genitalia may influence women’s sexual behaviour and attitudes, and in particular how these attitudes affect sexual desire,” she said.”

It’s not a one-off study and we’re doing a lot more work in that area.

“We’re seeing an increase in the number of people wanting to explore vaginas with a partner.”

What that means is that they’re seeking out images of the female genital organs in a sexual context and then trying to recreate that with a female partner.

“In fact, Dr DeAngeles said the average female has seen an average of 13,000 images of their vagina, and those images are often accompanied by a sexual message.”

Women are being asked to do this in a very sexual context,” she explained.”

The majority of them will say that they like to see their vagina in a sex act, and they want to see that sexual desire on their partner’s face.

“So it’s not just the fact that men have these images, but that they see it in the context of a sexual act.”

Vaginabra images are considered very erotic and erotic images can have sexual meaning.

Dr Deangelis said it’s an easy way for women to express their sexual arousal, and a healthy way to have a healthy relationship.

“I think women want to feel that their sexuality and their own desires are being expressed in a visual way, and we don’t see that in many heterosexual relationships,” she concluded.

“One of the things we do see in heterosexual relationships is that women often feel the need to do things that are sexual in a more extreme way, such as having their nipples pushed up in a bikini or getting a facial.”

The study was conducted by researchers at the Queensland University of Technology, and was published in the journal Sex Roles.