Sad images are a new trend on the web, and they’re often used in lieu of content that might otherwise be too disturbing to view.

The term “sad image” comes from the way that the human brain processes images of people being sad.

If you’ve ever seen a sad face on an image of a loved one, you might assume that that person is suffering, or they’re depressed.

It’s a common assumption, especially when you’ve seen an image before of a person’s face being broken up into a bunch of dots.

But if you look closely at an image, you can see that the person’s features are still present.

If they’re sad, their features aren’t.

The same is true for sad pictures of people.

Sometimes people’s faces are broken up and put in a sad mood, but the images aren’t actually sad.

In fact, these pictures are generally positive.

Some people are depressed, but that’s not a bad thing.

In some ways, these photos are the perfect medium for expressing emotion.

So what are the best sad images?

There are a variety of sad images out there, and many of them are quite creative.

Some are just fun to take.

Others have a message, or are about people who need help.

Sometimes a sad photo captures a particular emotion that you might not be able to see in a real person.

Other sad images depict people with physical disabilities.

Other than the ones we’re going to focus on, there are a number of sad pictures that capture something important about someone who is not a member of the same species as us.

The best sad pictures are often those that tell the story of someone who has suffered, or is in need of help.

Some of the best examples of sad photos can be found on sites like DeviantArt and DeviantART’s Deviantart group, where people share sad images that capture important aspects of their lives.

A lot of the pictures that are posted on Deviantarts tend to be about people in real-life situations, such as being bullied, losing a job, or having a major health crisis.

Other times, the pictures tend to highlight a person that you’d likely not expect to be depressed or sad.

This is because they’re usually photos that reflect the sadness that some people feel in real life.

Sad images can also be used as an outlet for positive emotions, like gratitude, joy, or love.

There are also other ways to use sad images, including being able to capture people’s expressions of joy.

Sometimes, a sad picture is a way to share something positive, such that it can be read in a variety, positive ways.

Sometimes sad images can be used to show a person what they can do to make the world a better place, such a by offering a simple alternative to suffering.

The most famous example of this type of sad image is that of John Lennon.

In the song “Imagine,” Lennon sings, “I’ll never go to jail, but if I do, it’ll be for the rest of my life.”

This is an important reminder that there are other ways that suffering can be helped, such the simple act of thinking about the positive.

In addition to using the image of Lennon in the song, there’s a series of images that show what happens when someone is in jail.

They can be sad, but also funny.

A person can be put in jail for a crime that’s usually punishable by the death penalty.

Sometimes they can be locked up for years without being able a good meal or a phone call.

The sad picture of the man in the cell, the one that is most often used as a sad photograph, can also serve as a reminder that people who are imprisoned can and should be released.

These images can sometimes be used in a positive light, as a way of showing that people can be released if they make some efforts.

Sometimes the sad picture can be a way for people to express their emotions, or to express the importance of a message.

This can be done by showing a sad person sitting at a table in a restaurant or watching a movie.

The funny part of these pictures, however, is that sometimes they are a reminder of what the image shows, such an example of the sad image of John.

The person who has been in jail is a person who is in a lot of pain, and yet he has done his best to make himself feel better.

Sometimes it’s a reminder to give back to the community, to help others, and to help someone else out.

Some examples of happy and sad images on Devianart include a woman who looks at a happy face in a mirror, and a picture of a man crying in a park.

Other examples of depressing and happy images on deviantart include people holding hands, or someone with a tattoo on their arm.

What else is sad?

It’s difficult to list everything that is sad or disturbing on the internet, but here are some of the most notable types of images. The