Facebook is about to go on a rampage with an all-new logo, and it’s already starting to piss off some of its biggest fans.

As the company rolls out the new logo in the coming weeks, its creators are planning to take a lot of criticism to heart.

The design has been criticised by some people, and some have also questioned the company’s apparent disregard for the fact that its name is a play on words with the word “friend” in the same place.

But it’s not just those who have been upset by the logo that have been calling it a joke, as many of its users have also taken to social media to express their feelings.

The company’s Facebook page is full of pictures of people who have commented on the logo.

One such user, who goes by the name of Dr. David B, posted a picture of a friend with the caption “What’s the problem with the Facebook logo?”

“I have a friend who is a huge fan of the brand.

She’s a bit of a tech geek and has never even heard of Facebook, and when she heard the word ‘friend’, she thought, ‘This looks like a joke’,” B wrote.”

It’s not a joke!

I’m so sorry.”

Another user, Mr David B said he was more upset by how the logo had been presented, with a red circle in the middle and the word friend written in white on the circle.

“I’m glad Facebook is taking their eye off the ball and not giving the impression that it’s about being friendly with people and that you should like them,” he wrote.

But others have also praised the logo, pointing out that the company has been trying to keep things friendly and friendly-ish.

Another user called Mr B’s message “very good”.

“If you’re a Facebook fan, I hope you like this new logo,” he said.

“What I like is how the word is written and the circle is the shape of the circle, so it looks like the Facebook sign.”

Facebook’s new logo looks a bit like the word friendship on a circleBut a spokesperson for the social network said the company was aware of the criticism and said it was working to improve the logo on the new site.

“We’re continually improving the design, which we’ve shared publicly with our community to get feedback, and we’re working to make it a more inclusive and inclusive community on Facebook,” Facebook spokesperson Emily Glynn told BuzzFeed News.

“As we said in our previous post, we’re always open to feedback on how we can make the logo better, and this is a good example of the process.”

The new logo features an orange triangle on the top and the words “Friendship” in a circle.

It is currently available for download from the company, and you can find the new version here.