If you’re using Google’s own Google+ app, it may be tempting to just ignore the horse emoji.

But for a good reason: it could lead to some unintentional spamming and bad SEO.

But when it comes to Google+’s Horse emoji, Google doesn’t have any plans to change its policy.

In fact, the company said that “the horse emoji is one of a number of symbols used on the Google+ platform, and we have never considered it to be offensive or objectionable.”

And that’s because Google doesn: “We use the emoji as part of a range of visualizations, including visualizations of food items, and they serve a variety of purposes and are widely used across the Google platform.”

Google+ Horse Emoji on Google+ article Google also said that it doesn’t “recommend” the use of the horse or other animal-related symbols in any way.

But there’s always a chance that someone else might use them to make a bad image that people might find upsetting.

In that case, Google will consider them to be a form of offensive content and ask them to remove the image from their account.

Google has been criticized for using the horse symbol for years as a way to make its search results more relevant to the search terms it uses.

And the company acknowledged that the horse emblem is part of its “Google+ platform.”

But when you add the horse into your Google Plus feed, you might inadvertently make it harder for your friends and family to find the content you want them to.

To be clear, Google says that it will only remove images containing the horse in the following circumstances: The horse image is not a part of the Google Plus content that you’ve previously shared on Google+.