A couple of days ago, we saw an article on The Atlantic called “What’s Wrong With White Supremacy?”

It talked about the “growing threat” of white supremacists, but there was nothing to back up the claim that white supremacy was really on the rise.

So we asked the authors: “What is white supremacy?”

The answer: It’s an umbrella term for all of the racist and sexist ideologies that underpin modern American life.

We want to know the truth.

So here are seven of the most disturbing and troubling ideas that the “alt-right” espouses.


White men are superior to all women.

The most recent white supremacist manifesto, which was published in 2017, makes clear that the white male has the right to dominate all women, including those of color, for his own personal gratification.

In the book “The Myth of White Male Supremacism,” author Richard Spencer calls himself a “white nationalist.”

Spencer wrote that “white men are the most biologically, intellectually, and culturally superior group of people in human history,” and “they have always been the ones who’ve been able to conquer and dominate the rest of the world.”

Spencer said that his own life has taught him that men are “superior to women in every way.”


The white race is a biological construct.

In his book “Evolution and the Decline of Western Civilization,” Spencer claims that the European people were created by an evil deity named the “great ape god,” who “had a black skin and was not white,” according to the Atlantic.

The god had a “great sense of honor,” and he created a race of people who would live in harmony with other races, the Atlantic reports.

“This white race,” Spencer writes, “is what the West is.

It is the only one.”

Spencer also claims that there is no such thing as a “race” of humans.

“I’m not saying there’s a racial difference between us, but we are one,” Spencer said in an interview with the Atlantic published Monday.

“If there was any real difference, it was that we had a common ancestor that shared all of our genes and we all lived on the same continent.”

Spencer claims white people are biologically superior because “we have genes that are passed down through our line.”

The idea of a genetic race is controversial because, according to evolutionary theory, the differences between humans and other species are largely due to differences in how the human genome works.

This means that the difference between a white person and a person of color is largely due the genetic differences between them.

This theory has been challenged in recent years, with studies finding that genetic differences do not make people different from each other.

In 2015, the University of Texas-Austin published a study that showed that white people have significantly higher IQs than black people and Hispanic people.

But white people don’t have a higher IQ than people of other races.


White people are born to oppress other races to protect white supremacy.

Spencer claims in his book that the United States was founded by white people, and the United Nations was founded in the United Kingdom by white settlers.

In fact, there is evidence to support this claim.

The British government had an explicit mandate to colonize and settle in the Americas, according a 2009 report by the National Bureau of Economic Research.

The U.S. was founded as a slave state, according the report, and was a “fence state” until the U.N. took over in 1917.

Spencer also believes that slavery was a central aspect of American history, and that the U: “was founded as the first and last country to take slavery for granted and to allow white men to use it for the benefit of all.”


White supremacy is a myth created by the Jews.

Spencer, who is of Jewish descent, believes that white men are biologically inferior to all people because of their unique genetic heritage.

He claims that “Jews were the first people to use DNA to create this race of superior humans.”

He also claims there are “Jews at every level of society, in every industry, in the media, in government, and in academia,” including the “most prominent academic institutions in America.”


Women are biologically weaker than men.

According to Spencer, the “white race” has been genetically programmed to be “weak and inferior to other races for millions of years.”

This belief has been debunked many times over.

The first “scientific study” to disprove the claim was published by American biologist David Birch in 1956.

Birch argued that women were not genetically superior to men and that, therefore, white people were biologically inferior.

But this is “not true,” according a 2013 study from the University at Buffalo.

The study concluded that “the strength of the genetic contribution of women to the human race is about the same as the contribution of men to the total population.”


White supremacists use the phrase “white genocide” to describe other races that are being extermin