A new app by an Italian startup has given readers an easy way to read images with subtitles.

The app called Imago de i, or Imago of the Words, takes photos of words and translates them into a language that’s spoken by the reader.

It works with Google Translate, the company’s translation tool.

“We’ve created a product that can help people in any language understand images and read them in their native language,” Marco Borsato, CEO of Imago, told Business Insider.

The translation is done in real time, and the app uses algorithms to ensure the text is not overly complicated or overly grammatically incorrect.

The company is also working with a company called Wordcloud, which is offering a translation app.

Borsato says the app can be used for translating text, photos, or even videos.

“We hope to bring the technology to the masses,” he said.

Image translation is a new trend in technology.

A Google translator recently announced it would be making it easier for people to access and understand other languages.

Imago is looking to make it a reality, too.