The first cat is the cursed cat.

It is a symbol of demonic power and powerlessness.

The other is a pure white cat.

There are many other symbols associated with the two species.

This is a story about the cursed and the pure white cats, as told to me by my colleague, Aravind Chatterjee, and written by his editor, Preeti Sharma.


The cursed cat is a true symbol of India’s backwardness, as it is associated with caste and social discrimination.


The pure white cattery is associated more with Hinduism than with Hindu religion.


The curse of the cat, as used in India, refers to an ancient Hindu practice, in which one cat was killed by its owner.


The cat was also said to be associated with prosperity and the well-being of the community.


The two species of cats are both associated with wealth and power.


The cats have been seen in the streets of several Indian cities, as they have become a common sight in the capital city, New Delhi.


There have been reports of sightings of two cats in a car, and a cat roaming freely through the streets in the city of Pune.


The holy cat, or the cat that feeds on the soul of the dead, has been used in religious rituals across the world.


The white cat, the pure breed of cat, is associated less with Hindu deities and the Vedas than with Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, and even some Hindu scriptures.


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