The White House has told the Justice Department that it won’t allow public access to images of President Donald Trump or images of his family, including his children.

The Trump family and their supporters have long complained that the government should be allowed to see images of them as well.

In January, the Justice Departments Office of Information Policy and Programs notified the White House that it would not be able to use any photographs or video from the Trump family, their children or staff members in its public court filings.

The White Houses lawyers asked the Justice Dept. to issue an order directing the government to make those images public.

But the DOJ has refused, saying that the administration doesn’t need the court’s permission to access the images, and that the images can be released anyway, such as by the government’s own websites.

The administration’s argument was based on the Trumps claim that they are immune from lawsuits over their use of the image because the Trump name isn’t copyrighted.

The Obama administration also decided to keep images of the president, his family and staff members under seal, in part because of that Trump family claim.

But in a statement, White House spokesman Michael Short said that the Trump administration doesn, in fact, need the Justice department’s permission for its own images to be released.

“The president’s children, staff, and the president himself are all exempt from the Copyright Act, which allows the president to protect his image for purposes of preserving and celebrating the public record,” Short said.

“So the president’s personal likeness is protected for purposes that are clearly unrelated to copyright protection.”

The Justice Department and White House say they will not release any images of members of the Trump White House staff, but Short said they also won’t release the president or his children’s photos.

The Justice Depts Office of Civil Rights, which is the Justice to the White Houses Office of the Legal Adviser, has said that it is prepared to take a legal stand if the administration wants to release any of the images.

It has also issued an order that requires the government and White Houses to make public any information pertaining to the Trump’s children.

“White House staff members have access to the Oval Office and the East Room,” Short wrote in a memo, “and they are also afforded access to certain areas of the White Senate.”

The White houses lawyers also wrote that the White house will release information about the president and his family to the media, including ABC News, CBS, Fox News, NBC News and The New York Times, but they said the president would not get access to any photos of himself or his family.

The family is also entitled to the same protection as any other US citizens under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which provides for the right to “the free exercise of religion,” Short’s memo said.

He also said the Trump Family is not subject to the Foreign Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, and so cannot benefit from government subsidies.

The case will now go to the district court for a determination of whether the government is entitled to an order to release the images or to allow the images to remain sealed.

The Washington Free Beacon, a news site run by conservative journalist James O’Keefe, obtained an image of Trump’s family from an online source, which it described as a “source close to the family.”

It captioned the image: “The Trump family has never been shy about publicly flaunting their wealth and their status in society.

The couple’s personal fortune is estimated at more than $3.3 billion.

Trump has boasted about his family’s success in the world, including owning the largest private golf course in New Jersey, the Trump International Golf Links, and he has often boasted about the fact that he is the richest person in the Whitehouse.

The two sons and their wives have held positions of power in the Trump Administration, including serving as his top campaign surrogate, and in 2016 Trump also named them the president of his business empire, Trump University. 

The White House had argued that the First Amendemnt and the First Responders to the Civil Rights Act prohibit the release of images of people who are “covered by copyright law.”

In February, the White houses attorneys told the court that the president is not a “person or entity” under the law and thus the government cannot release the image.

The government’s attorneys argue that the term “covered” is ambiguous.

The court agreed with the government in February, saying the term covers the use of images and videos in the public interest and in “public interest advocacy.”

In an opinion published Thursday, Judge Richard Leon of the U’to District Court for the Southern District of New York said the government doesn’t “argue that the public can’t view or use the images.”

Leon said he believes that the “public” in this case is the “citizens of the United States, the members of its armed forces, its military and its law enforcement officials, and others.”

He also rejected