The holiday season is a time to thank the government and celebrate what is great about America, a source with knowledge of the event told Fox News.

President Barack Obama’s popularity has taken a hit in recent weeks due to a string of terrorist attacks and the nation’s fiscal problems, according to Gallup data.

But many Americans have said they are thankful for his presidency and are grateful for the progress he has made in recent months.

“It’s about the spirit of Thanksgiving,” the source said.

“You don’t know what you’re going to receive, but the spirit is there.”

The source said many Americans feel that the holiday is important in a positive way.

“We need to be thankful for everything that is good and positive,” the person said.

The source told Fox that Americans are generally happy about the president’s handling of the federal budget, the economy and healthcare, and that he has been able to make positive changes in the country.

“Americans feel that he’s doing a good job of making a positive impact in the nation,” the insider said.

Many Americans also feel that Obama is doing a great job of helping the country recover from the recession.

“People are grateful because they feel he’s been doing something to help,” the former official said.

Obama’s administration has been plagued by a series of controversies since the inauguration of Trump as president in January.

A leaked recording surfaced last week of Obama saying to then-candidate Trump: “I love the Hispanics.”

The president later said he made that remark to make it clear to Trump he wasn’t going to run for re-election in 2020.

A week later, the White House released a video showing the president suggesting that the black community is more likely to commit crimes than whites because they are a “tribe.”

Trump later tweeted that he was “disappointed” by the comments, but said he had no intention of running for re, and the White the White house had already released a statement that said the comments had been “mistaken.”

The video of the exchange, which was made by a political adviser to Trump, surfaced on Twitter last month.

“I was speaking to @BarackObama about a very important issue, which is how the Black community in America feels about crime and crime prevention,” the man in the video said.

Trump has been criticized for his handling of race relations, and has faced criticism for a series on social media for using the phrase “all lives matter” in a speech on Friday.

Trump said he has apologized for using “all Lives Matter” in the speech, but has not been able so far to say who he apologized to.

“No, I apologize to the Black Lives Matter movement, because I don’t think that’s true,” Trump said during a news conference Friday.