In the wake of the shooting at a black church in Charleston, South Carolina, a black NBA team member was left in tears.

The team decided to wear a white helmet in honor of the victims.

But now, as the Warriors prepare to face the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday, the team is changing their headgear.

The Warriors are taking their helmets off in honor to the victims of the Charleston shooting.

The NBA, which had previously said it would not change its helmets, said Friday it would remove the symbols of race in its logo and uniform.

The change came after the team’s owner, Joe Lacob, said in a statement that he was “deeply saddened” by the shooting.

“As a team, we have worn the black, white and red for many years,” the statement read.

“As a nation, we are united in our desire to end senseless violence and we have come together to stand with our team and the entire nation against hatred, bigotry and violence.”

Lacob has not spoken about the shooting on the court, but he did say that he would be working with other sports owners to change the NBA’s logo and uniforms.

“I am committed to working with all of the owners, team owners and owners associations to create a clear vision that will promote a culture of safety, respect and inclusion in all sports,” Lacob said.

“We are committed to doing everything in our power to prevent this from happening again in the future.”

Lacobs daughter, Carissa Lacob Lacob Jr., who is also the Warriors owner, said that her father would be looking into the team and their decision to change their helmets.

“We’re not changing our uniforms.

We’re not going to be wearing a uniform that changes in color.

But we’re going to take a look at the symbols that are in the league,” Lacobs son, Carisa Lacob-Lacob, told ESPN.

“The Warriors have a history of supporting the African-American community and we want to be a part of that history.”

ESPN reported that Lacob will also talk to the team about how to change its logo.