I am often asked why I buy Samsung’s phones, and whether they are good or bad.

My response is that there is nothing wrong with these devices.

They are not bad phones, they are the best phones.

I bought them because they were the best of the best.

The next best phones are Samsung’s flagship phones and the Galaxy A series.

The best phones for me are not Samsung devices but Samsung phones.

Samsung phones have a reputation for great hardware and outstanding user experience.

They have great software and excellent software updates.

They also have the best camera in the world and a great camera UI.

There is also a premium camera app that does a lot of good stuff for photos.

The Samsung Galaxy Note series is a disappointment.

It is the worst phone I have ever owned and it is not a good phone to buy.

I am not going to say the Note series isn’t good because it is.

It just isn’t the best phone I own and it doesn’t offer anything new that people really need.

I know I am a big fan of the Note, but the Note 8 is a complete waste of money and it sucks.

The Galaxy S series is an improvement, but it has some bad parts and is not worth the money.

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 series is great, but I will not buy it because it has not been released yet.

The Note series was good, but is not good enough for me to purchase.

Samsung is going to do better in the future with a phone that is better.

So I will say no to Samsung’s Note series, and no to any other phones in the Note family.